Cedar Bay Head to Eickelberg Bay

Awoke to a nice morning. We were chilling out and getting ready to depart when we sucked a jellyfish into the 9kW generator's sea water intake strainer. It shut down immediately. It was totally gross and disgusting, a huge blob of gook in the strainer. Bob had a hell of a time getting the strainer out, and then once he did, we couldn’t dislodge the jellyfish parts. I had to work on it for a long time with vinegar and baking soda, which finally did the trick, and we were operational once more.

Karen say this is the culprit

We waited for the right tide, so we could see not only the charted rock but the marked rock, noted as "PA reported 2011" on the charts. We steeled our nerves and departed on Bob’s route…and it worked fabulously!

Another nice day in Prince William Sound

We meandered our way over to Eickelberg Bay, hoping to see critters but we were skunked. I chose this anchorage because it had white cobble beaches that were good for walks at low tide. As we approached Glacier Island, we started to see icebergs again.

The wind picked up a little in the afternoon creating a little chop

Eickelberg looks open and kind of uninviting at first but it does have great beaches. We decided to walk them when the tide was right in the morning and we enjoyed our solitude, relaxing well into the evening with the air conditioning running again!