Cedar Lakes Cove to Head of Cedar Bay

A very sunny morning, calm with clear skies. We were excited to retrace our steps and avoid that 4’ shallow spot. We waited until the tide was a bit lower than yesterday so that the charted rock shown in the Lethcoe photo would be more visible.

Off we went. Karen stood on the bow… and we again hit a shallow spot, with the depth sounder down to 4.1 feet! That was not planned, as we hugged Block Island more than last time with the dinghy, but still passed over it. On the bright side, the actual charted rock was just visible.

After that, it was an easy entrance. Trinket, the maroon hulled boat from Whittier was still there. We much have been on stealth mode, because as we rounded the corner, we had a full on view of a young man with his pants at his ankles…taking a….well, you know what I mean. I think we scared the life out of him.

Trinket in Cedar Bay

Trinket was departing for the Meares Glacier, so they kindly gave us their spot. It was lovely, and we were settled in by 10:45. But, as was becoming a theme…it was really buggy.

Nevertheless, we went out in the afternoon and hiked up a grassy knoll to take some photos, and then we took the dinghy back out that entrance to see why we kept going over the shallow ledge when following the guidebook. This time we went right over the marked rock, because the marker was underwater. Bob decided that we should leave this rock to starboard on the way out despite the recommended path in the guidebook.

OceanFlyer in Cedar Bay

Karen celebrating making to top of the knoll

Good hiking around Cedar Bay but what out for the bogs

What a pretty anchorage

OceanFlyer enjoying the sun and view in Cedar Bay

Later that evening, it got really hot, with not a breath of air. We finally caved in and turned on the air conditioning when it got to 85 in the cabin. The M/V Columbia Queen came into the anchorage after dinner and anchored a good distance away, and spent their time cleaning halibut off the swim step.

It was still warm when we went to bed – 75 degrees outside!