Eickelberg Bay to Long Bay

We arose to rain showers and cloudy skies. We both slept late for us – about 8:30 or so. About 11:30 the tide was right, and off we went for our beach walk and to see the white cobbled bed streams. It was easy to get to shore, and we walked the beach for about an hour, finding all kinds of cool rocks and rock formations…but no animals.

What's wrong with this picture?

When we got back to the dinghy (secured with a sand spike, upon which we piled our PFDs), the tide had come up so much the sand spike was in the water and my PFD had deployed! That was really funny, we got a good chuckle out of that.

Remember, put your PDFs in the dinghy

Great long beaches at low tide in Eickelberg Bay

Beach art

Sea garden on the beach

Back at the boat, we straightened up and Bob changed the Kabola fuel filter. We had lunch and left about 3:30. Bob trolled for salmon on the way out but no joy.

Enroute to Long Bay, we dodged some ice from Columbia Glacier, some of the ice was topped by otters who were enjoying the ride.

The seals mobile home

Clouds and iceberg are the scenery for today

There's mountain in them there clouds

The rain started up again as we found the entrance to Long Bay. This was an anchorage that the Mother Goose fleet had checked out earlier in the trip and they told us it was worth a stop. It is a pretty anchorage, near an island but open to the south. The winds had died (but not the rain), so there was no fetch, although the clouds stayed low and it was a good evening to cuddle up inside.

Peaceful in Low Bay