Monday Anchorage to Kwatsi Bay

Fogust, the name given to the month of August in these parts, is in full swing. This morning the visibility is, as we say in the aviation world, ZERO, ZERO. We don’t mind traveling in this weather, it’s just less fun because you must be very vigilant and cannot relax and enjoy the scenery. Of course there is no scenery when it the fog is this low and dense.

not much to see outside

I keep my scan inside the boat, focusing on the radar and the chart plotter. Karen maintained a lookout for debris in the water. Since we could not see more than one to two boat lengths, we reduced out speed so we would have time to dodge and obstacles in our path.

The radar performed well, it would even trace logs on the flat water and small flocks of birds as they flew close to the surface. In Misty Passage we did get close enough to see a fishing boat anchored in the pass. But the couple of other returns from vessels produced no visual sightings.

birds are a big help in spotting logs

As we transitioned into Tribune Channel, the fog began to lift and by the time we reached our destination, the base of the clouds were about 1500 feet with good visibility below.

fog lifting in tribune channel

Kwatsi Bay is one of our favorite stop in the Broughtons. Max and Anca have been here 16 years and provide a most welcoming venue. It is not large but the 5:00 happy hour is a big draw. Every boat brings something to munch on and we all sit around and get to know one another. You always meet great people that you have so much in common with. Boats, cruising and fishing are, of course, main topics of discussion, but Max and I had a long discussion about how the “personality” of a country influences the cars they build. Karen, on the other hand, began to sing the Pharrell Williams song “Happy” while another attendee began to dance.  The dock was full, and the night was peaceful.