Kwatsi Bay to Boughey Bay

Today is a four hour run to position ourselves for our six hour trip down Johnstone Straight. Our noon departure was dictated by trying to go through Chatham Channel near slack tide. Chatham Channel has good depth, and is reasonably wide except for the southeast end where there are two range makers to keep you in the channel.

OceanFlyer on dock at Kwatsi Bay

happy hour dock on the left

our host's home

our local sentry

It has been a while since we transited Chatham Channel, and our passage today reminded us that is it no big deal. Currents can run to five knots, but in a boat such as a 49 Grand Banks, passing with a 2-3 knot current is no problem.

As we were nearing the last quarter of the channel we saw traffic going our same way. Leading the procession was a very small “yard tug” pulling a large barge. It looked as if they were repositioning a logging camp. We slowed a couple of knots so as to not run too close to the other powerboat following the barge.

GYPSY traveler

Our late departure also meant that the morning fog had burned off and we were able to enjoy the first day of sunshine in three days. Karen and I opened up the flybridge and ran the boat from there. We did need light jackets as the wind picked up to 15 knots on our nose.

fog is our traveling companion THIS year

We arrived at Boughey Bay at our planned four hour mark only to find a  boat anchored in “our spot”. So we motored around the anchorage checking depths and found a suitable location three hundred feet in front of them. Oh well, there goes their view. The wind was still at 15 knots from the northwest, but even though the bay was open to the northwest, swells never formed.

Chicken and corn tonight for dinner; some homemade brownies for dessert and then early to bed is the plan. Our wakeup call is for 5:00am.