Pierre’s Echo Bay to Monday Anchorage

Pierre’s Echo Bay to Monday Anchorage

Cinnamon rum French toast with imported Berkshire bacon, now that is the way to start the day. I slept in until 8:30, and then got to work in the galley making the aforementioned breakfast. Slowly, one by one, the other boats let loose their lines and departed Pierre’s.

Although our new acquaintances in Morveren had left as I fired up the stovetop, they returned about an hour later. They had run into a wall of fog on their way to Port McNeill. They hovered alongside us and asked what we thought. All we could do is tell them the pattern we have been seeing the past three days: the fog starts to lift around noon, an hour from now.

So off they went again to get it another try.

It was a little after the check-out time of 11:30 when we cast off. I topped of the dinghy fuel, fileted a salmon and paid our moorage. We both spent a half hour under the WIFI antenna downloading messages and sending more. It will be three days before we might have cell or WIFI.

While the fog had lifted some, visibility was still less than a mile and in some locations it was a quarter of that. Our plans are changing constantly. We were going to stop at some middens between Insect Island and Eden Island and do some exploring before moving on to a funky anchorage Karen found in the Dreamspeaker book between Fly Island and Eden Island.

Since the anchor spot was essentially in what could be considered a small pass where boats could transit, we abandoned that idea because of the fog. We did not want to be sitting exposed to traffic in dense fog.

A quick look at the charts and we set our course for Monday Anchorage. It got its name from the novel, Curve of Time, where the author was blown from her anchorage one Sunday night (now known as Sunday Anchorage) to this anchorage now known as Monday Anchorage. It was a fairly tense journey, as the fog had come down almost completely and Karen was out on the bow looking and listening for a boat we saw on radar. Turned out to be a small fishing boat, no AIS.

PLAYING pee-a-boo with our neighbors in the anchorage

With the fog forming a white blanket with no signs of dissipation, Karen and I spent the afternoon in the boat. Karen worked on reports for her clients, and I woredk on pictures and text for our blog and took care of “boat chores”.  We really didn’t get to see any of the anchorage, or explore the white beach behind the second island. Oh well – there’s always next time.