Waddington Bay To Pierre’s Echo Bay

To no one’s surprise, it is foggy this morning. Waddington Bay provided us with a peaceful night. I don’t think we moved more than one boat length in any direction in response to the coming and going of the tides.

We were the first to depart, about 11am. Our plan is to go drop the hook in the Burdwood Group and do some exploring before backtracking a little to Pierre’s.

Clouds paint the landscape

There are not many places to anchor in the Burdwood’s, and we wanted to go back to the ledge we found between two islands so many years ago [insert link to old blog entry].

Our travels are uneventful, but with the big tides, the waters are rich in debris. An “as plotted” course never works for long, as we end up dodging all manner of logs.

"hairy" logs are the easy ones to spot

As we round the small island that guides us to our chosen spot, we find a sailboat already there. We figured there was a 50/50 chance it would be occupied. So reverse course, and off to Pierre’s.

Pierre’s at Echo Bay is one of few success stories for a marina in the Broughton’s. It has become a destination spot you must visit when in the area. Pierre and his wife Tove have continued to build facilities and innovate with interesting events that are a major draw for the boating community. Tonight is Prime rib night. The prime rib is roasted in the huge BBQ pit made famous by Pierre’s pig roast. Karen is not a fan of prime rib but she says she is doing it for me. Really it’s just how the schedule worked out that we were here on a Thursday, one of two prime rib nights; the other being Monday.

Pierre's iconic "lighthouse"

great dinghy tricked out for salmon fishing

Our assigned spot on the dock was behind Morveren, a boat in the same charter fleet as ours: NWExplorations. We said hi to the people on board and later joined them at the prime roast feast.

full house for prime rib dinner

the houses on the other side of echo bay

How was dinner? Exceptional. Even Karen liked it very much. I got my “end cut” which is the only way I enjoy prime rib; it was tender, juicy and full of flavor. The BBQ pit makes this the best prime rib I have ever had. Along with the entrée, you get a baked potato with every topping, two vegetables, bread, salad, and dessert; all fresh and well prepared. We were amazed at the efficiency of the operation. With 55 for dinner, they did a marvelous job of getting everybody fed in only one hour, but you did not ever feel rushed.  In addition to Pierre, Tove and two staff they had 3 volunteers that served the crowd with cheer. If you’re going to be in the area, check out the schedule of activities and meals at Pierre’s [link] and make it a point to stop. You will not be disappointed.