Copper Bay to Barnes Cove via Mallard Bay

Today is going to be a short 5 mile trip.

We awoke to rain and clouds. Happy summer Solstice!

Our Bayliner neighbor weighed anchor about 9:45 and headed back into Copper Bay, and almost immediately left again on the far left course that does not follow the directions in Lethcoe. They turned left down Long Channel, and we’re still not sure if they left pots in Copper Bay and are coming back later or not. We did not see them again.

Our Bayliner friend makes an early departure from Copper Bay

I (Karen) had planned to go to Barnes Cove in Drier Bay, and we decided to stick to the plan. We have a lovely cruise the short 5 miles to Barnes Cove, with a few porpoise shooting by to say hello. Barnes was empty when we arrived, and we were thrilled to have this lovely cove to ourselves.

After successfully negotiating the narrow entrance, which was easier due to the low tide, we anchored and headed by dinghy to the “beach”.

Beach art at Barnes Cove

There are many streams coming down from the mountain. Some are wet and some are dry. Our first attempt up a small stream with a just a trickle at the beach was stopped by a series of waterfalls created by fallen logs.

Dead end, too many branches in the way

We walked up another dry creek “cobble” bed about half a mile until we were again blocked by fallen logs and debris.  It was a lot of fun, and we kept our eye out for bear, but saw none.

Walking up the running streams is a bit tricky, but you can make good time versus the woods

The dry cobble bed is like a highway into the forrest

Karen takes a break to have her picture taken

I'll stop here and look for a clear path somewhere else

The cobble beds start at the beach

Barnes Cove is beautiful everywhere you look

OceanFlyer in Barnes Cove

The view from our "porch" in Barnes Cove

I had Bob take me for a dinghy ride just outside of Barnes Cove, towards Mallard Bay, so I could look at the ruins of the Copper Mining activity, and then we settled in for a peaceful night.