Barnes Cove to East Bight, Lower Herring Bay

Barnes Cove was lovely. This morning was sunny and very nice, so we went for a dinghy ride. It was the first time we demoed our extremely tacky “Karen chair”, a free green folding chair from Sitka that we placed in front of Bob’s bench seat. It made exploration much more comfortable!

Crystal clear morning in Barnes Cove

We headed over to Port Audrey, and saw a nice double masted sailboat. We wanted to visit and learn more about it, but they were already weighing anchor so we settled for a wave. We went into the lagoon, which was very nice, and then came back by the cannery ruins. I wanted to hike, but the tide was falling and there was a lot of metal debris in the water, so we decided to pass.

Off we went to Northeast Cove. It was cute, but not as pretty as Barnes. I wanted to hike, so Bob beached the dinghy at the outfall of a small creek. We followed the creek bed for about 50 yards until we could make our way up the grassy knoll. Great views of Drier Bay!

Boggy ground is the norm so you have to watch your step

We love these walks where we can find a commanding view

In the afternoon, Bob did some preventative maintenance items in the engine room. We timed our departure form Barnes Cove so we will arrive at East Bight in Lower Herring Bay at low tide. We always like to arrive at low tide if there is enough water, because you get to see all the rocks and reefs that uncover.

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The vistas in Prince William Sound seem endless. I figured those mountains are 90 miles away.

Somewhat counter to the guidebooks, we didn't find Lower Herring Bay all that remarkable. East Bight was “OK”, and we crossed a shelf that was shallower than anticipated to get in. We dropped the hook in a 70’ hole with a rocky bottom but got a great set. That was a good thing, because later that night we got some crazy winds that reached 38 knots on the speed meter. Our anchor didn't budge. We watched Season 2 of Homeland and enjoyed spinning about on our firmly set anchor!