Princess Bay to Sidney Harbour

This is a day without a schedule until we have to leave for Sidney Harbour to meet up with the engine mechanic tomorrow morning.


Princess Bay panorama

Our big event for the day was to walk around the island. Of course, we did not determine in advance just how long a journey it might be.


Karen waiting for Bob to start our hike

So off we went. The trail was very nice; well worn and recently cut back. We walked about one third of the way around the island until we came to the “Kayakers beach”. This is an idyllic location for Kayakers to overnight and set up a base camp. There were at least three tents pitched but no sign of any Kayakers

After a brief rest we continued on, but could not find the continuation of the trail. We walked up and down a few promising looking paths, but none gave us the confidence to continue on.

We found our way back to the picnic benches on “Kayakers beach” and enjoyed three cookies each.


Cookie break

After our snack, we retraced our steps and made our way back to the boat. We unstuck the anchor to make our five mile passage to Sidney Harbour.


Arctic Star at Anchor in Princess Bay

The marina staff was very nice to fill our request for an end T-dock that would be easier for us to approach given our reduced maneuverability.

The areas adjacent the Harbour itself have undergone a fair amount of building and is much nicer than we remember it, some five years hence.

We walked the docks to do some boat snooping and finished up with a beer at the new Georgia hotel near the docks.