Sidney Harbour Marina

Well, what can I say? Today we’re in Sidney to have the mechanics try to get the port engine back up and running. Nigel, from Vector Marine Services, came on board this morning to work his magic. He methodically worked though all the fuel related trouble shooting procedures: Changed fuel filters, changed fuel sources, blew out all the fuel lines. All efforts were to no avail.


Nigel in the engine room tending to the reluctant engine

Mid-afternoon Nigel went back to the shop to fetch “the computer”. These engines have a moderate degree of computer control. Not as much as the current crop of engines, but they do have the ability to have a computer attached to them to run diagnostics.

Nigel returned with the computer and “the Boss”, Frank. They hooked up the cables and the laptop and began a series of tests. At the end of the day they left with the computer and a promise to come back in the morning after they had analyzed the information they gathered.


Frank "listening" to the engine with the laptop

Having spent all day on the boat with the mechanics, we decided to get out for dinner and found a Greek restaurant, Pier One, just up the street. Not bad. We watched Chris Matthews’ tribute to Tim Russert and went to bed, fingers crossed that tomorrow will see the port engine running again.