Newcombe Harbour to Captain Cove

Even though Captain Cove was just another 12 miles up Principe/Petrel, we decided to make the move so that tomorrow’s slog to Prince Rupert would be shorter. We have decided that we don’t like long mileage days when we can avoid them, so this repositioning made sense to us. We were also excited because the Nobeltec chart made it look like there might be a channel through the mudflats to a river that we could kayak at high tide.

20110617Newcomb Inlet to Captain Cove-8-Edit

Another example of the local signage you find in this area

It was an uneventful trip, though again I had to dodge lots of logs and debris while at the helm. We went into the Cove, saw that the river really didn’t exist as per the chart, and so we took the very protected spot behind the islets. It was pretty, and there were eagles around to watch.

20110618Newcomb Inlet to Captain Cove-88

Rainy days make you look for pictures in the smallest details. Here the rain brings the surface of the fender and its stainless steel holder come alive.

20110618Newcomb Inlet to Captain Cove-96_7_8-Edit-Edit

Wake ripples created on an absolutely calm water surface

Dinner was Thai peanut chicken, jasmine rice and cookies! We are ready for Prince Rupert – and to get our land legs back!