Kittyhawk Group

Last night, the rain woke us at 12:43am. It is quite loud on the “roof” of the aft cabin. The anchor alarm also sounded a few times during the night, but it was a spurious GPS signal rather than worrisome anchor dragging. When I (Karen) headed up to the salon about 7:30, we were facing SE, and shortly after it started to get really gusty (as forecast).

We decided to make it a lay day, and spend another night in Kittyhawk.  We really like it here, there are interesting views on all sides, and our anchor is well set, though a bit noisy on the rocky bottom on the ledge we are perched on. With the wind shift, we have swung 180 degrees since yesterday.  In honor of our lay day, Bob made killer cinnamon raisin French toast for breakfast. I read my Nook, Bob worked on pictures from the trip so far, and we were happy to be inside.


Karen paddling under the cloudy skies

About 3:30 or so, the wind died down and the gray skies brightened some. We decided to kayak. The water is lovely and clear, with some shell “sand” below so you can really see what’s down there. We paddled out along the 72 meter island, go into some kelp and some swells, and then cut back into the anchorage from the Eastern side. Paddling near the rocky islands that are scattered around the anchorage is fun, and I love seeing all the purple starfish that call British Columbia home. I did let out a shriek when a Mink went scurrying along one of the rocky islets, I just wasn’t expecting it.


The purple sea stars of British Columbia are unmistakable


All the life and textures that reveal themselves at low time are remarkable


More low tide views from the kayak


Bob coming around the corner after finding some more subjects for his camera


Noting but a kayak can get you so intimate with the environs

The highlight of the day, as always, is Bob’s cooking. Tonight’s dinner was an excellent adult version of “Mac and Cheese”, based on a dish we had in March in Nantucket. It is made with lots of different cheeses, some true Macaroni pasta, and peppadews, crispy bacon, peas, and some Chinese 5-spice, with toasted Panko Crumbs on top. Coupled with a good bottle of wine, we had a fabulous meal and you can certainly tell we are not roughing it.


“Mac & Cheese”

Two episodes of The Good Wife later, we called it a night. Tomorrow we plan to head Brydon Anchorage, a short 2 miles away on Hurricane Island.