Granite Bay to Hummer Bay via Harriman Glacier

We cast off about 7:45 am and headed for the entrance to Harriman Fiord, hoping to catch up with Deception and Patos. It was a much nicer day than yesterday, far better to explore the various glaciers. We saw Patos and Deception on AIS about a mile or two ahead of us as we made our way into Harriman Fiord, and eventually caught up to them.

We pulled up to the spot where we could see 3 glaciers at once: the Cascade (retreating), the Barry (prettiest of all) and the Coxe (not bad looking either).

The Cascade, Barry and Coxe Glaciers

Telita and OceanFlyer just drifted a while as Deception and Patos fought the ice to approach the Barry Glacier face.

We then headed off for Harriman Glacier in Deception’s wake, hoping to use Deception as an ice breaker so we’d dodge the trickier bergie bits. Surprise Glacier was off to our right, and while quite pretty, looked more ice-entrenched than Harriman, so we kept on going.

Our approach to the Harriman Glacier was nearly ice-free, so it was easy to get to the face and enjoy the beautiful blue ice and the sunshine. We saw some calving, so that was fun too. Bob and I took some “selfies” at the face, and also did some photo ops with Telita.

Deception move close to the face of the Harriman Glacier

The face of the Harriman Glacier

The face of Harriman Glacier dwarfs Telita

You cannot think of anything better to share than these adventures

Karen made me do it

Making our way clear of the ice fields

Kathy Cox on the bow of her boat, Telita, with the Coxe Glacier in the background. Only separated by one "e".

We followed the fleet, lagging behind a bit, as we made our way towards Hummer Bay for the evening. Telita checked out Serpentine Cove, thinking about overnighting there, but ended up joining us at Hummer.

After a serpentine entrance with a shallow spot or two, Hummer Bay opened up. We rafted to Deception and joined them for dinner. Patos’ crew dinghied and kayaked all evening, and were fun to watch. We went out for a late evening dinghy ride ourselves, discovering some interesting anchor spots for the next time, but we eventually gave up because it was buggy.

Hummer Bay alpenglow

A few minutes before midnight it is still not dark in Hummer Bay