Disk Cove - Lay Day

Today was planned as a lay day in Disk Cove. The more we cruise, the more we find that spending a second day or even a third day in an anchorage multiplies our enjoyment. You have more time to take in the venue during the cycles of tide and weather.

So with the sun shining and the hills above calling us, we set out in the dinghy. I have very few photos of OceanFlyer from viewpoints other than water level. Here is our chance to get a bird’s eye perspective of OceanFlyer in Disk Cove!

Good landing spot to start our explorations

We employed our usual MO of finding a small stream with a good dinghy landing spot nearby, on the east shore. From there, we walked up the stream bed without too much bramble and within 50 feet we’re back in the “open” and able to make our way up the areas with low vegetation.

Looking back from the small creek that is our access point

Disk Cove did not disappoint when it came to great views. We were able too the whole Cove and enjoy the view with OceanFlyer peaceful at anchor.

Even though the “open” areas look solid with their grassy cover, it is more boggy than solid. Our Neos boots continue to perform well. You wear your own shoes inside, so hiking boots make for secure trekking, and they are waterproof yet easy to take on and off. For all this wonderfulness they are a little, or make that a lot goofy looking, but that’s a price worth paying.

Are those Neos really so goofy looking? Yes, but the work great.

We really enjoyed the views of Disk Cove and Louis Bay. We took lots of pictures and then decided it was time to go dinghy exploring outside of the Cove. We headed first to Louis Bay, and it was pretty lumpy. We took the dinghy back into an interesting lagoon. Then Karen made me circumnavigate Disk Island via Foul Passage (not something we’d ever try with OceanFlyer), and we reentered Disk Cove via False Pass as the tide was just high enough.

Karen at our Disk Bay overlook

This will become a large panorama over the forward berth

Dinner was leftover pizza. Bob changed both fuel filters on the engines, and I got the rust that had been bugging me off the bow hawlspipes and spread out our soggy lines to dry. We lazed about, and watched the last season of Damages, breaking occasionally to watch all the little boats come back into the Cove as the evening wore on.

As the sun sets in Dick Cove we get a few neighbors

As the sun sets in Dick Cove we get a few neighbors