Victoria, Lay Day

Today is our day to explore Victoria, except first Bob has to remove the dinged up dinghy prop so we can install a replacement we had arrangedto pick up at West Marine. He also needed to repair the macerator pump that was inoperative. It took a long and smelly time until he found a small seed lodged in one of the duckbill valves. Once that was removed, everything worked as designed.

We took a taxi to West Marine, but something dropped through the cracks and the special order prop was not there. Oh well, we tried. We walked around Victoria checking out some of the native art galleries but were not impressed. The Scottish pub Bard and Banker was our lunch stop. They have a great selection of beer and even better beer battered fish and yams fries. Victoria is a great place to explore and we entertained ourselves with the various shops along the way. Bob managed to find a nice Storm Tech jacket at the company store, so he was happy.

Dinner was a cute little bistro called Bon Rouge which featured an outdoor covered “garden” for dining that was heated, warm and comfy. We were able to get the last table outside and had a lovely dinner followed by a good walk. I could not resist getting one more piece of fudge. The wind was calm today and we hope it will stay that way for our departure tomorrow back to the States.