Caretaker Cove to Seven Fathom Hole

We had a great night in McClure Bay, and agree with Telita that it’s a sweet spot. It was so private, as we were the only boat around. Hauling the anchor, the chain was clean, with a bit of shale and seaweed on the anchor itself.

The Ultra anchor always does a good job even on a kelp bottom

We headed out in decent weather, and played “peek-a-boo” with a humpback off the west point as well as with some kayakers. We had a good view of the Nellie Juan glacier as we turned right.

"Going my way?"

"Going my way?"

Off we went, past Foul Bay, Main Bay and Falls Bay.  There were lots of bow pickers “at rest”, rested together waiting for the next opening, or even beached at low tide making some net repairs. It was partly cloudy, with on and off showers. We chose the route inside Crafton Island, and Karen followed the F/V Maria Maru for a while, confirming the approach. There were numerous fishing boats rafted off the west side of Crafton in what looked like 3’ of water on the charts…it wasn't a high tide, so who knows what the real conditions were.

Flat bottomed bow picker beached until the next tide

The route, written up as tricky, wasn't bad. The lower tide let us see the rocky hazards. From Crafton, it was easy to pass yet another Granite Bay and follow Dangerous Passage (which wasn't so dangerous) to Jackpot Bay.

What's left of a cannery factory

We entered Jackpot bay and found the small entrance to Seven Fathom hole, written up as both attractive and a darned good hidey hole in foul weather. We were surprised to see a sailboat, the S/V Eidelweiss from Valdez, already at anchor. The captain and his two enormous huskies came out to give us a good looking over while we selected our anchor site, leaving an ample amount of distance between the two boats.

Eidelweiss at anchor in Seven Fathom Hole

Perhaps it was the gloomy weather and rain, but we felt it was just an “OK” anchorage and we weren't much in the mood to go outside and explore by dinghy.

Comfort food for dinner..chicken pot pie