Brave Harbor to Schoppe Lagoon

We had a lazy start to the day, and watched as the bowpickers all departed about 8:30.  Each one moved slowly, coming close to take a good look at OceanFlyer. I don’t think they’re used to many pleasure boats up here.

Looking out from Brave Harbor

A small private fish boat called Jokemon came in shortly after, and the Dad and his son got off right onto the bow of a bowpicker and headed off for the day. From our anchorage, we could see bowpickers at the mouth of the bay putting their nets out to catch salmon. It was still overcast, and once again we didn’t go out exploring even though there would be good walks in the area, especially at low tide.

Clouds continue to kiss the mountain tops

Today’s destination is Schoppe lagoon. We searched high and low for critters on our journey, but to no avail. We knew there were anchorages outside the lagoon, but hoped to enter with a favorable tide. We timed it to enter at high slack to be extra cautious. It’s a pretty straightforward entrance, but the rocks and shelf noted in the Lethcoe guidebook are definitely there, and the clear water makes them seem closer than they are.

The lagoon is large and lovely, and we were all alone. We scouted out Lethcoe’s preferred anchorage, but didn’t like it, and pretty much dropped the hook right in the middle of the lagoon with great views all around.

It started to clear up after dinner. We saw a black bear on the east shore of the lagoon, and shortly thereafter hopped in the dinghy and exited the lagoon to check out the “South Anchorage”. There was great exploring, and some cute spots for future trips as well as some very shallow areas.

Another calm and peaceful night under the stars.