St. Mathews Bay to Comfort Cove

It was foggy in the morning, and we only had a short ways to go today, so we weren't in any hurry. We saw a seaplane cruising the valley along the bay. And we saw another eagle, doing the breast stroke with his salmon catch. That’s two on this trip!

Fog trying to lift in St. Mathews Bay

We had passed Comfort Cove on our way to Beartrap earlier in the trip, and decided we should check it out as our friends on Telita's recommended it. Port Gravina had whitecaps and a bit of fetch from the Hinchinbrook Entrance, but once inside the narrow entrance, it was nice. The breeze kept the bugs down, but the tides weren’t great for exploring, so we just chilled and enjoyed the view.

Comfort Cove provides a nice calm anchorage