Reid Harbor to Friday Harbor

Reid Harbor to Friday Harbor: 12.1 NM


With the boat due back by noon, we left at 9:30 in the rain for our trip back to Friday Harbor. It rained pretty much the entire way, though not too heavily. It was kind of windy and cold…an omen? Of course.


Just as we get ready to enter the harbor, Bob took a potty break and when he came back, the starboard engine throttle cable had cut loose again. He jumped into the engine room and got the engine into idle while I manned the helm.


After a quick (but very expensive) fuel up, we put Best of Times back into her slip and started to get all our stuff off the boat. We had to buy a Styrofoam container and ice for all the frozen salmon we had left over. A quick lunch at Herb’s (great burgers) and then off on our charter flight to Boeing Field, where we caught ground transportation to Redmond to see some friends.

It was a fabulous vacation, one that hopefully will linger in our minds as winter approaches and the days grow shorter on the East Coast.