Satellite Cove to Winter Cove via Bedwell Harbour and Hope Bay

Getting a lazy start to our day, we departed Satellite Cove at 9:30AM, destination Bedwell Harbour to clear Canadian Customs.


This was one of the "resident" boats at Winter Cove, I never thought cement was the best idea for a boat hull

Bedwell Harbour is also the location of Poet's Cove Resort. About five years ago, some major investors transformed this location to a premier resort. We took advantage of the wine store to stock up since we are limited on the amount of alcohol we can bring in from the U.S.

We also were able to get a high speed internet connection so we spent about two hours checking on work, family, and other things in the ether.


The staff from Poet's Cove Resort meet their new guests

Normally you are supposed to only stay on the customs dock for only so long as it takes to clear, but given that only one other boat came to clear, we did not feel we were denying anyone else access to the friendly and efficient Canadian Customs service.

From Bedwell it was off to Hope Bay. It started to get overcast and a bit windy with light showers. There was no place on the docks at Hope Bay so we continued to our final anchorage in Winter Cove. We were greeted by only two other boats. A working fishing boat killing time until it was time to go catch some fish and a small sailboat. Apparently this cove is very popular in the summer and when the annual lamb roast occurs on Canada Day, the cove is set upon by hundreds of boats. We saw a picture where there were dinghies four and five-deep at the pier. I cannot imagine waking across three or four other dinghies for dinner. Certainly if you were the first in, you're the last to leave.

It was a rainy day, but later in the afternoon a strong gust front passed and we had wind gusts to 31 knots. Fortunately the passage of the front was quick and the cove settled down and we had a peaceful night.

We are very close to the Summer solstice so the days are pleasantly long. We have daylight until almost 10PM. What is surprising is you can start to see the warm glow of the rising sun starting around 3AM. Very spooky.