Lady Boot Cove to Seabreeze Cove

I slept in till 10:30 this morning. The low fog from last night has lifted but a low ceiling does remain. It is a bit colder and the pressure has risen some, so we’re hoping for clearing weather later. Pano_seabreezecove_rem3800edit

Foggy morning

Our travels over to Seabreeze Cove only required an hour. It was an interesting route, through small passes and around rocks and small islands. Though not difficult, it was more interesting than some passages.

Seabreeze Cove is an interesting spot. Surrounded by little islands, you get views out from the anchorage, making the small cove seem much larger. There is plenty of room to anchor, but you must give the drying beach to the East respect as it shoals very quickly and far sooner than you might expect. We anchored in 20 feet of water on a plus 9 foot tide.

The holding was good and we settled into another lazy afternoon. Today’s temperature is hovering around 58 degrees F, making it one of the coldest days so far. Adding the overcast skies to the cooler temperatures, the afternoon looks like it will be spent tucked cozily inside Arctic Star.


Peaceful anchorage

We did spot a new bird on our approach to Seabreeze Cove. It was a Pelagic Cormorant, an all black tall bird that, according to the book we have on local birds, smells and “swims like a fish.” Fortunately, we were not close enough to confirm the odiferous traits of this species. The boat is equipped with XM Satellite Radio so I spent some time catching up on the political race as I did some minor boat-keeping chores.