Beartrap Bay to Landlocked Bay

We had a leisurely morning, with a plan for a 10:30 departure, so Telita could exit Bear Paw safely and then join us for our trip to Landlocked Bay.

Beartrap provided good holding and the anchor came up clean. That makes Karen happy.

Beartrap Bay mirror smooth

We got underway ahead of Telita so Bob could troll for salmon. I drove the boat slowly on one engine, and Bob caught a fish, but it decoupled from the hook before I could slow the boat enough.

We drifted for a while at the mouth of the bay, waiting for Telita and enjoying sunshine and more Dalls porpoise. Telita was slow to get going, but we later learned they had drained their start batteries by leaving the engine room vents on all night. Oops! Happens to all of us.

Port Gravina on the way to Beartrap Bay

Today was another journey of 35 miles. It took us about 4 hours, and was uneventful. The highlight of the trip was having Dalls Porpoise play in our bow two different times off Gravina Rocks (we got video!) and finding some cell coverage at Tatitlek on the way into Landlocked Bay.

The entrance was clear and not too stressful, narrow in one area but definitely manageable. We anchored off the waterfall (a small one) and asked Telita to come alongside. We had pasta and salad aboard Telita, and watched Lance’s favorite Aussie film “The Castle”, which was great fun. The weather was still a bit gloomy, so we all hit the sack about 10:30 to prepare for our trek tomorrow to Columbia Glacier.