Mud Hole

Today was scheduled to be a lazy day. Rain was forecast for most of the day, with clouds and low ceilings. We have been on the go since we left Philadelphia, so today the plan was to do nothing and go nowhere. After all, it’s our vacation.

Karen devoured three books on her Nook. It was always with her. It remains a great purchase for such a voracious reader.

20100622_Mud Hole_0005

Karen and her Nook. What a great addition to travel. Imagine packing 50+ books.

I spent the day working on my pictures and catching up with this blog. It’s easy to get behind, and once you do, it’s the devil to pay to get caught up. We’re in vacation mode, and trying to remember what you did yesterday is a real challenge.

I did check the engine room. Both engines surprised me in that they needed no oil. I guess these long runs are good for them. The fuel is sitting around 75%. Again, given the amount of time we have been underway, this seems about right. We will need to get fuel before the trip concludes in Juneau, but we have that on our agenda. Note to self, the boat I buy will have both fuel flow for each engine and a fuel totalizer. Measuring the site gauge with fuel and then doing some quick calculations is an OK method, but this a perfect function for modern technology.

Last night four fishing boats joined us in the anchorage. We know there is an active fleet fishing just north of Point Harris, so we figure they are part of that group.

We needed a day of rest and we got it. In addition to reading and working on the blog, we did a load of laundry and also watched Chicago, one of my favorite movies and one whose staging never ceases to amaze me.

Tomorrow we’re on the move again up to Tebenkof Bay. This is one of the highlights of the trip. We have set aside three or four days to explore the many anchorages in this large bay. It is regarded as a great place to dinghy and kayak, so we’re excited to do just that. The weather is predicted to be Alaska –like with clouds and a chance of rain, but the weather patterns look better than that to me on the XM Satellite weather charts. It’s anybody’s guess up here, and so far the official weather has been less than spot on.

20100622_Mud Hole_0102

An easy dinner of chili