Labourchere Bay to Egg Harbor

I slept until 9:30 and I might have gone longer except that Karen came in to see if I was still alive and woke me in the process.

I fixed breakfast out a bunch of bits and pieces I found in the refrigerator. That was all I was up for this morning. Today we wanted to explore this bay given the high recommendation from the crew of the Coastal Messenger. We launched the dinghy and proceeded to land on the central beach on a falling tide. This beach was an easy walk compared to Santa Anna Inlet. It’s easy to traverse over to the “outside” and take a look at Sumner Strait. We saw one humpback whale blow and dive a couple of times as he made his way southwest. And the sun came out!!

20100620_Labouchere Bay to Egg Harbor_1022_3_4

The geology of this area fascinates me

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The “walk” on the beach is sometimes a bit crunchy as you have to walk over these

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This bay has one of great “beach” to explore. Coastal Messenger was right!

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Beachcombing” in Labourchere Bay

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Vistas abound around every corner

We then took the dinghy over toward the bay in the northeast corner where there was once a large logging camp. The only remnant now is a road that goes to Port Protection. As we approached the bay, we noticed some movement along the shore. It was strange in that it was white, a color most often found on a bird, but it moved like a mammal. I told Karen to keep an on the critter and I kept an eye on the GPS for any obstructions. As we approached our target, we realized that it was a man, dressed in a white hoodie. He, along with a couple of his friends , were walking the rocky shore. This reinforces the large scale of everything here in Alaska. What we thought was a small mammal with a white patch was just a local out on a Sunday Father’s Day afternoon.

Back to the boat and a decision was made to forego a shower and get underway for Egg Harbor on Coronation Island, some forty miles southwest.

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This guy was looking to hitch a ride to Egg Harbor

The weather was perfect, not as forecast. The skies were partly cloudy and the winds light. We had a fairly good ride with a few 3 foot swells along the way, though as always, they got rougher when Karen was at the helm. Once we were in the lee of the Spanish Islands, it all quieted down.

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Passing Cape Decision Light

As we approached the entrance to Egg Harbor, two fishing boats that we were watching fishing south of the island headed in to the harbor. They set their anchor and we found a spot between. Egg Harbor is a very popular spot for working fishermen to overnight.

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Orange-Sesame Glazed Salmon with Grilled Asparagus

After dinner we were joined by another fishing vessel, the Rosie M. She came in a little too fast for my taste and gave us a bounce or two from her wake. We watched otters play and saw a few eagles before heading off to bed.20100620_Labouchere Bay to Egg Harbor_1234_5_6_7-Edit

 Evening blankets Egg Harbor