Home for a Week

The "doll house" on Nantucket, as our realtor and good friend Elton Burch described it, is located at 19 Sherburne Turnpike not far from the toll booth. (You can click on any picture to see a larger version)


As cute as the outside is, the interior is cozy and comfortable.

Sherburne_living_3 Kitchen_2 Sitting_area_3

Karen, the beach lover, is gathering souvenirs from our trip; the cheap ones that is.


"We should have bought here 10 years ago." Real estate has gone through the stratosphere, in fact here you see two natives who recently lost their six story walk-up to the developers who intend to replace their love nest with a rotating restaurant.


So, as we say goodbye to the The Grey Lady, Great Point Light bids us a fond farewell till the next time.