Princess Bay to Ganges Harbour via Montague Harbour

As we were getting ready to pull anchor, the Canadian goose family from last night made another appearance to see what the breakfast offering was from Arctic Star. This time we told them they had better start teaching the young ones what life should really be like when it comes to foraging for food.


The little guy in the foreground always seened to be marching to his own tune


Dad was always on the lookout!

On our way to Ganges, we took a small detour to visit Montague Harbour, a large and very popular anchorage. Because of its popularity, it's not a place we ever visit for more than a hour or so. But since it was on the way, we decided to stop and see if anything was new. Overall, it appears to have not changed at all.


The docks at Montague Harbour

It’s a short journey to Ganges. As we rounded the next to last turn, we decided to follow the ferry into Long Harbour, the harbor right next to Ganges, just to check it out. As the name suggests, it’s long and pleasantly wide. There are many beautiful homes with long piers ending in deep water docks. A couple of the yacht clubs have out stations in Long Harbour so it turned out to be a happening place.

Our diversion complete, we made our way to Ganges Harbour. Our stop here was planned so we could accomplish many things. First a visit to the Saturday Market; second, we needed to provision; and third, we hoped to meet up with Anne and Doug, friends we made a few years before at Dent Island.

Doug and Anne were scheduled to be traveling on the outside of Vancouver Island. However, the weather has been relentless with high winds and large seas. So they had to abandon those plans and make their way back to Ganges Harbour. It was great to look up after we had docked Arctic Star to see Anne and Doug’s boat docked a few slips over.

We enjoyed a delicious dinner on board their boat along with Bart and Jan who were traveling in their own boat along with Dong and Anne. Bart grilled some killer salmon and Anne was a consummate hostess as always. We had a great time, a late night and consumed far too much wine, but we had a wonderful time with our old friends and enjoyed the company of our new ones.