Nanaimo to Port McNeill

We’re off. First we begin the process of provisioning for the three-week trip. Our goal is to get as much as possible in the more heavily populated area surrounding Nanaimo in order to maximize selection and minimize costs. Beer, wine, soda, paper towels, spices, and other staples that do not require refrigeration or freezing are on the list for today. After visiting a couple of stores for alcohol and a great grocery store with a great Asian specialty section, we pointed the rental car north on Route 19A. About an hour North, we diverted West on Route 4A to visited the Country Store, better known as the place with the “Goats on the Roof”. (The roof is steeply pitched with grass on it and lots of goats.)

This place is a strange mixture of gourmet food, homemade breads and baked goods and a restaurant. Lunch was first on the agenda, followed by trying to find unique food items we could find nowhere else, and a few perishables that would fit in the small refrigerator we’ll have in our hotel room in Port McNeill. After leaving The Country Store, it’s a long drive through logging country on North Vancouver Island. Karen worked on a presentation that had to be completed before we hopped on the boat.

On schedule, we pulled into Port McNeill and checked in to Black Bear Lodge. This is our second stay here and we can highly recommend it if you find yourself in Port McNeill.